The powerful, compact, and multi-functional Magic Bullet Blender System is the NEWEST model of the series. There is currently a Buy One-Take One sale of this fantastic countertop kitchen appliance. It's a handy food processor that does most of the common culinary tasks in 10 seconds or less. This is every cook's dream kitchen helper as makes food preparation a breeze and food storage convenient.

The Magic Bullet Blender System has every single kitchen tool and appliance you need and want. It drastically reduces the need for you to use knives, graters, grinders, mills, ice crushers, garlic presses, fruit juice makers, shakers, and chopping boards. It can be used as storage containers and microwavable. To create many dishes, snacks, and beverages, you can use your new Magic Bullet Blender System from start to finish.

It comes with short and tall bullet cups that are to be used for loading up ingredients. The choice of what kind of cup to use is based one the amount of ingredients you want to zap up. There is a quick press feature that is applied when a cup is positioned to the torque motor base. There is also an option to process the food automatically instead of pulsing it up. There are two kinds of blade attachments for the base which are the cross and flat. These are used for the various food processing functions.

After the food is processed, you can pour it out from the cup to either serve or cook. You can also microwave the processed ingredients in the bullet cup or store it in the refrigerator for later use. The tall and short bullet cups can be transformed into shakers or steamer cups as there are special lids that can be placed on them. The Magic Bullet Blender System can chop, grind, puree, blend, beat, whip, grind, pulverize, crush ice and mill semi-soft grains and nuts.

When you want the best performing food processor that gives you more use than any other kitchen appliance, you have the wonderful Magic Bullet Blender System. It will cut down the time of your food preparation, enable you to do a variety of culinary processing tasks efficiently, and lessen the number of tools, equipment, and containers that you have to clean up. It comes with a FREE recipe book so that you can have a guide to creating the fastest and greatest food and beverage creations using it and your imagination. Save yourself time, effort, and money by ordering the Buy One - Take One Magic Bullet Blender System today.

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