Read this cookie press review about the best hand held cookie press in the world! Lightweight and heavy duty, this hand held cookie press that is made in Italy! You will be glad to have found this Norpro cookie press review as after all the years you have been baking, you will be finally able to press out wonderful cookie dough shapes with the aid of 20 cookie press disks - and make the perfect ones each and every time with your new aluminium hand held cookie press. When it comes to making the best cookies, you need this totally fantastic hand held cookie press.

If you have been baking cookies for quite sometime, you know the major problems that are encountered when handling butter-based dough. After you refrigate the mix and it ready to bake, if you place it in the wrong kind of cookie press, the dough warms up right away and turns into mush. You can't press out great cookies and the dough drips out and drops, leaving a mess on the cookie sheet  instead of cleanly cut cookies.

Another common problem is that the shapes are not cleanly cut, especially with those awful heavy cookie presses with lousy cookie press disks. Every time you press, the edges turn out ragged and it spoils the perfection of the cookie as the edges will get unevenly brown when baked in the oven. Plastic hand held cookie press are indeed light but after a few batches of cookies they will break apart as plastic stuff are really just the thick disposable kinds.

Most hand held cookie presses are so hard to clean. You will note if you look inside there might be bits of dough left at the crevices. If you can't see any dough, take a long whiff and smell the inside of your old cookie press. There is a smell and maybe a slight musky odor. Even if it looks clean, it might still be dirty. Yuck!

This hand held cookie press can be cleaned with hot sudsy water, rinsed and wiped dry. It has 20 die-cut designs cookie press disks. You don't have to lift it, just lay the bottom part on the cookie sheet where you plan to place the cookie and press the lever. Beautifully shaped cookie dough pressed out every time.

The pressing method requires less exertion and the pressing procedure is much faster, enabling you to press out more cookies before the dough gets too soft. With the speed that you press out cookies with your new handheld cookie press, make sure to have an extra baking layer in the oven for an extra baking sheet.

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