Have you ever encouHalo Ovenntered situations when you forgot to thaw food and you had to serve up a meal soon? Or you want to be able to cook meals quickly with the least amount of time and effort? Lately, there have been a lot of products that offer up convection technology which allow food to be heated and cooked in the shortest time possible and at lower energy cost. But now there is something better. Halo Oven from Morningware is a four-way halogen heat, convection, and conductive oven that cooks food using infrared heat.

Halo Oven allows you to save on energy costs because it can cook full course meals at almost half the time it will take using a regular oven. The instant-on halogen heat, conductive heat and convection air, combined with infrared heat waves, cook your meals up to 50% faster than regular cooking. It also uses up to 85% less energy. That alone is worth getting the Halo Oven as it gives you more savings for the buck! With Halo Oven, food is cooked rapidly without losing the natural juices that, in normal cooking, often seep out and is lost. With Halo Oven, all the natural juices and flavoring of the food is kept intact. And because it evenly heats up, your food does not get burnt. All you need is to put frozen food into the Halo Oven, set the digitally programmable timer and see your food go from frozen to thawed to cooked. Broil, roast, bake, steam, fry with the Halo Oven. It also lets more drippings out of food so the amount of saturated fat you eventually consume is a lot less, resulting in healthier meals and less fat in your body that causes excess weight. When you place your order for the Halo Oven, you also get an extender ring so that you can even cook a huge turkey. You also get a professional hand blender and a professional thermometer -- tools that come in handy when you are cooking -- plus cedar grilling planks, a cooking chart, a recipe book and a 2-year warranty.

Discover the joys of cooking with just one appliance - the Halo Oven. Not only do you save money on energy costs but you save time as well as effort with its amazing feature of cooking food directly from a frozen state.

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