Grill Daddy ProBarbecue grilling is a lot of fun. It's a great time for bonding with family and friends. But the problem with frequent grilling is all that food residue and grease left on the grills. Cleaning barbecue grills can take up so much time and when the residue is not removed, the next time you barbecue those patties, they could be contaminated by the residue. That's not such a great way to start a cookout! Grill Daddy Pro is the solution to all your grill cleaning needs. See how quickly and easily it cleans out all that grease and grime from your grills, leaving them spic-and-span clean for the next time.

Grill Daddy Pro is such an amazing cleaning tool. It uses the power of water to wash away all the grime on your grill -- in just minutes. An improvement over an earlier version, Grill Daddy Pro now comes with even longer ergonomic handles so that your hands can grip safely and you are kept safe from the heat. Grill Daddy Pro comes with extra heavy bristles for those hard-to-reach areas of the grill as well as a heavy duty scraper. It's so easy to operate. Preheat Grill Daddy Pro so that the water in the reservoir turns to steam. The water stream that comes out rinses as you brush the bristles against the grill and the steam that also comes out acts as a sterilizing agent. Grill Daddy Pro is safe to use on different types of grills: stainless steel, ceramic and iron grills.  All brush attachments can be easily removed and cleaned in the dishwasher. Never again will you have a dirty barbecue grill.

Continue enjoying your barbecue grill moments with family and friends and worry no longer about cleaning the grill. With Grill Daddy Pro, cleaning up after is going to be a breeze.

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