If you love outdoor cooking together with your family, you know that almost every one of them would like their steak, barbecue or grilled item done a different way. Worry no longer about mixing orders up because Grill Charms is the perfect way to tell them apart. Grill Charms acts as an identifying tag so that each one’s grilling preference is cooked and spiced to his or her exact order. It’s the perfect gift for the outdoor aficionado!

You’re cooking for a large group of family members or friends. Some want theirs rare, others want theirs medium rare while a few would ask for theirs to be well done. Still others want their grilled food spiked with a barbecue sauce or made more spicy hot. If you’re the chef, how do you remember everyone’s preferences? That’s when Grill Charms comes to the rescue.

Grill Charms comes in four different set collections: Steak Collection, Spicy Collection, Charmed Life Collection and the Pink Collection. Each collection is made up of six dime-sized stainless steel charms with serrated stems so that once inserted into the food, they stay put even as you flip and move the food around the grill or barbecue pit. And once dinner is served, each guest will easily identify his food just by looking at the charms.

The Steak Collection’s Grill Charms contain the letters R, M, W in different combinations to represent Rare, Medium and Well-done. The Spicy Collection features pictures of peppers with different representations for Mild, Medium and Spicy. The Charmed Life Collection features representations of the good life like a sailboat and a tropical vacation. And The Pink Collection is great as a gift to a special lady. Its charms include a lady’s shoe, a wine glass, a chef hat, a lady’s hat, a swan and a breast cancer ribbon.

Gift Grill Charms to a buddy who loves to cook or to a special lady who frequently has guests over. And get one or more collections for yourself. Grill Charms will not only make cooking a lot easier for everyone but will become an interesting piece of conversation around the barbecue pit.

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