Is your grater giving you problems? Grating food like cheese, garlic, ginger or carrots can be messy as you grate in one plate and transfer the grated food to another plate. Transferring food also leaves the flavorful juices in the original plate where you grated the food. But with Grater Plater, you get that same grating power in a plate. And best of all, the juices stay where they are and can lend more flavor to the dish you are whipping up.

With Grater Plater, the grate is in the plate. The secret to its grating power is in its hard and tempered ceramic coating that keeps it from dulling or rusting, unlike ordinary metal graters. Its triple-glazed surface also prevents grated food from sticking to the plate. And yet, despite being able to grate and grate and grate, the plate is kid-friendly. Little kids won’t cut their tiny fingers on the grater as it is gentle even to the softest, tiniest hands. Safely grate almost anything you can think of – cheese, garlic, ginger, chocolate, cinnamon, coconut, apples, oranges, lemons, limes, carrots and much more. There is no mess to clean up after because what you grate stays on the plate, including all its juices. There is no wrong way to use the Grater Plater. Grate from side to side, back and forth or round and round. Do it whatever way you prefer and you still get the same grated results. And to use it as a dipping plate, just add some olive oil and herbs to what you grated on the Grater Plater! It’s nice enough to be used on your dining table.

Your Grater Plater order includes the Roll n Peel which lets you peel garlic without letting it touch your fingers and leave you with that garlick-y smell the whole day. It also includes a Gathering Brush to mix your flavors and top your favorite foods. And by paying separate shipping and handling, you get another Grater Plater free together with another free set of the Roll n Peel and Gathering Brush.

The versatility of the Grater Plater is something you’ll want as an addition to your kitchen items. This is the grater that doubles up as a plate and much more.

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