Ginsu Chikara Santoku KnifeBring the high quality and durability specially crafted, sharp-edged, and perfectly balanced knife which can be placed into the storage slot of an eco-friendly cutting board by buying Ginsu Chikara Series Santoku Knife with Cutting Board set. Get to slice, dice, mince and cut perfectly every time with one of the sharpest blades in the world. Say goodbye to that dull knife and old, worn-out cutting board and place on the counter your new Ginsu Chikara Series Santoku Knife with Cutting Board set.

The Ginsu Chikara Santoku Knife

What the Japanese words Chikara Santuko means is that the knife is powerful and has the capacity to perform the 3 most important cutting tasks in the kitchen, which is slicing, dicing and mincing. This knife is has a flat top edge that is in line with the handle, allowing the user to apply the slight rocking motion needed for finely chopped ingredients. The knife is so versatile that you might not have to change knives during your entire food preparation.

The blade of the knife, which is made of stainless surgical steel of multiple layered sheets forged together by high tech machines and cooled in liquid nitrogen, is thinner than most knives. Aside from it having a very sharp cutting edge, you will be able to cut through most ingredients without placing any extra pressure from the sides of the knife, allowing you to have a truly clean cut presentation of the food item. Paper-thin apples slices for your pie, beautifully sliced tomato rings, and sushi that does not have ragged seaweed edges is what you can create with your new Ginsu Chikara Santoku Knife.

Ginsu Chikara Santoku Knife is much lighter and a bit shorter that a Western knife and has a single cutting action that is not present in other knifes that would take two motions to cut an ingredient having to press down first with tip facing downward and push back the knife to complete the process. This knife does the job is one easy cutting step, you simply have to press down on the back of the blade and the cut is done.

The Ginsu Chikara Santoku Knife Cutting Board

The advantage of using a bamboo cutting board, aside from it being eco-friendly, is that it retains less moisture, so you don't have to worry about food stains and the absorption of smells. Bamboo is harder than the maple wood which is commonly used to make cutting boards. Since the cutting board is made of tough natural material, there will be less deep cuts retained in by the wood. The less marks your board has, the more sanitary it is. If you own a Ginsu Chikara Santoku Cutting Board, you won't have to change your cutting board so often.

The Ginsu Chikara Santoku Cutting Board is handcrafted from small bamboo strips and because of the nature of the bamboo plant is less prone to swelling or shrinking. There are natural sugars present in bamboo that will give your Ginsu Chikara Santoku Cutting Board a natural tan color before it is sealed with a finishing clear coat. It's easy to maintain a bamboo cutting board, all you have to do is soap it with a little dishwashing liquid and rinse.

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