Why serve up the usual fare of party food at your next kiddie party? Surprise your children and their friends by doing something different. Give them a different kind of cookie that is sure to produce wide eyes and open mouths among your young guests. The Giant Cookie Cake Pans can help you make a giant 3D cookie that looks and tastes just like a cookie – but so, so much bigger! With just the two cake molds that come with your order, make giant cream-filled cookies, much like Oreos, that kids will love to share and dig their teeth into.

The two cake molds are 9-inch cake pans made of professional-weight carbon steel for even heating. Both sides look like the two sides of an Oreo. The top pan has the word “COOKIE” printed across its center. The pans can hold any kind of cake mix and have a non-stick coating to ensure the cookie is baked evenly on both sides.

Just think of all the oooohhhhs and aaaahs when you bring out the giant cake in a cookie pan. Or is it a giant cookie in a cake pan? Whatever and however they call it, it will be one humongous cookie that everyone is sure to love. Just one of these giants can be shared by about 20 kids. Imagine how wild and fun it is for them to see the largest cookie they’ve ever set their eyes on.

Try different cream fillings. Make an angel food cookie, or mix fruity flavors in with the whipped cream so you get strawberry, orange, cherry, or apple creams. Maybe your child has a special cream filling he or she wants to help you whip up. Then your child can boast of being the first kid in the neighborhood to make a giant cookie.

Send out now for your Giant Cookie Cake Pans and see just how easy it is to create a giant, unique, yummy cookie. Your kids and their friends won’t stop talking about it long after the party has ended.