Fresher KeeperFind yourself wasting tons and tons of fruits, vegetables and leftover food with containers that don’t really work at keeping your food fresh? Looking for a different kind of food container that can store foods in various amounts while keeping the inside of your refrigerator neat and clean? The answer is so simple. Get yourself the Fresher Keeper and say goodbye to spoiled food. Fresher Keeper can keep food fresh for up to 30 days, so you can store leftover food, cut up fruits and vegetables and other assorted food fresh and ready to eat at any moment.

So what is the Fresher Keeper, really? Well, it’s a food container made with restaurant grade polypropylene. Stain resistant, it can be used in the microwave, can be stored in the freezer, and just as easily be cleaned in the dishwasher. It isn’t just a food container, it can keep your foods fresh, and if they’re cold, it can keep ‘em cold. Just freeze water in the reservoir bottom and you’ve got yourself an instant cooler! The Fresher Keeper includes two 2.5 quarts bowl, a 3.6 quarts bowl and a 7.4 quarts bowl, to suit whatever amount of food you have to store or keep in a container. Each bowl comes with its own lid, a reservoir bottom and removable strainer, allowing you to use it as more than just a normal container.

What’s more, the reservoir on the bottom of each bowl can help drain the extra liquid from your food, keeping it from getting soggy if, for example, your food has been in the container for a long time. Also, the liquid in the reservoir recirculates within the container, keeping your food within a perfect humidity inside the container. You’ll never have to eat bad-tasting, rotten, over-sauced foods ever again. With the Fresher Keeper, you’ll have fresh foods within arms reach. Stackable and usable for about anything, you will never have to look elsewhere.

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