The Foodsaver Vac sealing system is the best vacuum sealing machine! The Foodsaver Vac locks in the freshness and marinates in minutes! This vacuum sealing machine can do more than any other and is so great, you can create the bag size you need with the Foodsaver Vac roll. Large or small, the Foodsaver Vac can handle it all! There will be no more spills or wasted food, no more having to choose the right size of bag, no need to keep on washing storage containers - what you will get with your new Foodsaver Vac to pack your food items away the state-of the-art way.

You know the advantages of having an airtight seal. It will help make the food last longer, eliminate freezer burn, stop the discolorations of food items, keep it sanitation, preserve food, allow marinates to penetrate, prevent food odors, separate food items, and allow you to see them for identification. You might have always wanted a vacuum sealing machine but it's so difficult to find a good one at a price you can afford. Now it is within your reach, you can own the best vacuum sealing machine - a brand new Foodsaver Vac for your kitchen countertop.

The Foodsaver Vac is made with a special kind of technology which is called the SmartSeal. There is an automatic bag sensor! This means that you have hands-free operation, and by just inserting the bag, the Foodsaver Vac will seal it for you and take out the air. It's going to be so fun and you might end up vacuum sealing nearly everything. Imagine, if you are making preserves or sausages to give away, you no longer have to find a way to pack it, just use your new Foodsaver Vac and the presentation will be fantastic.

There are 2 vacuum speeds! 2 sealing levels that can be used for dry food items or wet ones. There is a marinade mode that will do the job for you in minutes so you no longer have to keep the food overnight in the fridge to get the tenderizing that you want plus all the flavor. But, there is more! A canister mode! That will give you the vacuum seal for canisters and accessories. Plus, it has a CrushFree Instant Seal, which amazingly will halt the vacuum proccess to prevent your food items from getting squashed or all crumbly.

It just doesn't stop getting better. There are lights that will indicate the vacuum sealing progress. An auto liquid detection device. An integrated bag opener, and that is a big help for those who hate having to deal with the hassle of having to cut open a bag! There is a storage area for the bag-roll that will provide you the plastic to fit the stuff to seal and it has a cutter.

Sanitary just keeps on getting better with the Foodsaver Vac because it had an anti-bacterial drip tray. What you get when you buy your new Foodsaver Vac is the 10 feet long Foodsaver roll to make customized vacuum sealed bags, 3 quart sized bags, and 2 gallon sized bags. Seal your food quickly and easily with your new Foodsaver Vac.

Maybe your whole kitchen experience has been limited by ziplocks and twisties, but not anymore! You can vacuum seal food for storage and do it for even more culinary wrapping needs like packing the food for a picnic. You can make food to go!

What's even better, is if you cook enormous batches of a dish, you can portion the servings and seal them so you only have to take out just the right amount. Plus, the plasic vacuum bags that you need are complete and when you run out of supply, it's very easy to buy.

The ordinary way of sealing food is surpassed by vacuum sealing. It will look great on your countertop and has the ease of use that you are looking for. No kitchen is fully equipped without a vacuum sealing machine, and Foodsaver Vac is the one that you need.

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