Cracking an egg may not seem too difficult if done with both hands but sometimes when you’re cooking your meals, both hands are not always free. You could be tending to a child or need to speak with someone on the telephone. There are many other reasons why you may only have one hand free and if you are not that skilled, cracking the egg with just one hand free could result in broken eggs. That’s a big mess on the table or floor for you. The EZ Cracker was designed so you can easily crack that egg with one hand AND without breaking it at all. And you can enjoy egg dishes without worrying about biting into a stray eggshell that got mixed up with your meal.

EZ Cracker is the mess-free way of cracking an egg perfectly. It has a dual handle with a cradle in the front where the egg is firmly held. All you need to do is press down on the upper handle and the egg cracks in half in the cradle neatly. No eggshells fall into the bowl beneath. You could be carrying a child with one arm while still skillfully cracking an egg. No problem at all! Even hardboiled eggs can be stripped with the EZ Cracker. And, for those dishes where you need to separate the yolk from the egg whites, EZ Cracker comes with a separate attachment that acts as an egg separator. Make perfect egg white omelets or yummy meringue pies easily.

With your order of the EZ Cracker, you also get the EZ Scrambler, an attachment that scrambles your egg while it is still in the shell so that when you crack it in half, it drops out of the egg already scrambled. Enjoy delicious, mess-free, fuss-free egg meals with the EZ Cracker.

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