Want the best carving knife and home food slicer? Want to have the PERFECT food presentation? Here's your dream kitchen knife come true! The Deli Pro Knife gives you uniform slices every single time because it is both a carving knife and a home food slicer! Cutting food has never been easier with the ultra sharp blade of the Deli Pro Knife but there is something special that it has that makes it so very distinct from all the other knives you own.

The Deli Pro Knife has this neat small attachment on it's side that looks similar to a knife. This attachment guides the knife to create a slice of your desired width just like a food slicer. This best carving knife and home food slicer guide is adjustable and all you have to do is turn the dial to make the slice as thin or as thick as you want. The Deli Pro Knife will glide through the food items as you slice it and come out with perfect cuts just like what you can achieve with those expensive large slicing machines. The Deli Pro knife can do what no other carving knife can do, which is to give you totally even slices every single time!

Once you have it, you can't live without it! No more uneven slices, gone are the days of lousy cut vegetables, and everybody can have the same sized proportions or you can adjust the slices to satisfy their appetite. For everyday serving to party presentations, to make great salads or wonderful meat slices for your sandwiches, if you don't have the Deli Pro Knife yet, you have just got to have it as it is the best carving knife that doubles up as a home food slicer, the best knife that has ever been made for food preparation and food presentation.

The knife blade is so sharp, you will no longer exert any effort to execute long back and forth sawing motions that will tear meats and create ragged edges to a lot of food stuff such as bread. Beautifully sliced tomatoes can be prepared quickly and the soft pulp inside it will not get mushed if you use the Deli Pro Knife.

To make your cutting task even better, the Deli Pro Knife comes with a Free Two-pronged Fork to use to hold the food item in place as you slice it and you can use it to spear item to serve. It also comes with a Wooden Knife Block for easy storage. With a Deli Pro Knife, anyone can carve a roast beef or as turkey and come out with slices that look so great, they could be placed on display in a delicatessen. Food presentation is a breeze and you will be acclaimed for your culinary prowess when you use the Deli Pro Knife to slice.

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