green bagsWhat makes the Green Bag really do that? A lot of people may raise their eyebrows at the statement that Debbie Meyer Green Bags can help keep food fresh longer! Doesn't it sound a bit bizarre that a bag that you can use to store produce like fruits and vegetables will actually work to slow down the natural process of deterioration? Storing food in plastic bags is standard operating procedure and placing then in a special bag may not seem to be necessary as the food items will be placed inside the fridge anyway, right? But…

There have been a series of test conducted on the Green Bags and according to the Consumers Union, the Green Bag works on some produce such as peaches and carrots! What's even better is that the Green Bag is re-usable, giving you a lot of saving as you won't have to keep on buying storage bags over and over again. For around 50 cents each, storing things inside a Green Bag will not only allow you to make the produce still edible after a long period of time, it will be able to give you more space in the ref so you can stock up more.

What many people tend to ignore is the fact that while in storage, food will go through a physical and chemical change as they slowly rot away. An ethalyn gas is emitted by the produce and this gas will continuously circulate inside the storage bag. If you use the Green Bag, a certain mineral that the bag is made with amazingly absorbs all the ethalyn gas and remove it from the air that surrounds the produce to slow down the deterioration process. Use Debbie Meyer Green Bags so that you can say, "Yes, it really does that."

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