CovermateYou can never find the right cover for a container when you need it, and trying to use plastic wrap to seal a bowl and keep left-overs fresh normally ends up in a leaky disaster that has your fridge and maybe even your entire kitchen a mess. Cover Mate lets you tightly cover any size or shape container to keep your food secure and fresh without the struggles and messes associated with plastic wrap, foil or storage bags.

Cover Mate also lets you store your unused food without having to dirty extra dishes. You don’t have to worry about transferring food from the container that it was cooked or served in to another one that has a lid all you need to do is pick the appropriate sized Cover Mate and put it on the bowl, plate or dish that the food was served in for storage.

Smart coverCover Mate comes in four handy and versatile sizes that can cover everything from soup or pet food cans all the way up to nineteen inch platters and serving trays – so it doesn’t matter what you’ve got to cover, there is a Cover Mate that can do it.

Most people have dozens and dozens of different shaped and sized containers, only a small portion of which still have lids that actually fit them – with Cover Mate you can eliminate all of that. Cover Mate gives you the power to keep your food fresh, no matter what size or shape container it’s in and these handy, reusable covers can be stored easily in a small drawer in between uses. If you want the easiest and most convenient way to keep unused food fresh, you need to try Cover Mate.

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