You can whip up the best grilled steak without having to spend a fortune with the Cook Air Grill. The Cook Air Grill is a portable grilling kit, weighing only a little less than 20 pounds. Take it on the road and grill your steak on the beach, while camping or even fishing.

With its complete accessories -- a 12-inch AC plug (car- and boat-adapted), stainless wood tongs, wood bag, fire starter paper, stainless warming rack, and a User Guide (with DVD) all secured in a carry-all bag, the Cook Air Grill kit provides you with all the tools you need so you can smoke steaks fast and evenly. The heat sears the steak but seals the juices inside, and gets it ready to eat in just 5 minutes because it can heat up to 1100 degrees!

Cook Air Grill cooks your steaks in three different ways. One, you can use electrical power to activate a convection-type blower that fans flames to make the grill hotter. Just plug it in. Two, use an adaptor if you want to operate the grill while in your car or boat where there is no electrical outlet. And three, it runs on batteries. Wherever you are, there is always a way to cook those juicy steaks!

The Cook Air Grill is the best and most powerful grill ever. It is portable enough to be brought around while traveling. It is also great for use during outdoor parties and sport activities. Because it comes pre-assembled, it is so easy to handle. A digital control panel allows you to choose from among 5 blower speeds. It is safe as it has no explosive fuels and the 14-inch cooking grid can cook 3 porterhouse steaks simultaneously. What’s more, the grill base always stays cool to the touch. Using different types of solid, dry wood like oak, maple, and cherry can also greatly improve the taste of your dishes, so don’t hesitate to experiment.

With just one grill - the Cook Air Grill - you can grill different dishes anywhere, anytime. Traveling and still being able to cook your favorite steaks has never been more fun. Your whole family will simply love the convenience and portability that Cook Air Grill brings to your home.