Clean Cut, the latest kind of paper towel dispenser, doesn't need to be touched! With a sleek design, the convenience of the Clean Cut paper towel dispenser makes it excellent choice for more reasons than one. If you are still tearing a paper towel off the roll stand, have an old fashioned paper towel dispenser, or no dispenser at all, you might be interested in this Clean Cut review.

Oftentimes, when you need to use a paper towel, your hands are wet or not clean. After washing the dishes or as you cook, with the old dispenser, you have to hold the paper towel and rip it off at the perforated part. Not anymore!

With the Clean Cut, the dispensing process can be activated when you place your hand in front of it. It has infrared sensors that enable you to dispense the desired length and cut it without touching it!

The Clean Cut is ideal for those who want a sanitary dispenser. Other dispensers requires that you hold it making it easy for viruses and germs to spread. This kind of dispenser is ideal to use in hospitals, nursing homes, and other types of medical facilities to lessen the risk of the spread of contaminants. It provides a more sanitary way to get paper towels.

Aesthetic, the Clean Cut can be secured under any cabinet. It is space-saving in design. The paper towels are cut well and there will not be any ragged edges when you get the desired length of paper towel that you have dispensed with the use of the high tech sensors.

A practical choice, Clean Cut can help you save on paper towels. It is not often that you need one or two sheets of the standard size that are regulated by the perforated line that you have to rip. Sometimes, you just need a half, or an extra one-fourth length. Why waste paper towels when you can use Clean Cut?

No matter how thick the paper towel is, Clean Cut can cut it. You have a choice between black, white, or stainless steel. It will be an excellent appliance to use in your kitchen or anywhere you need a sanitary dispenser.  In the near future, other dispensers similar to Clean Cut might be created like for tape, toilet paper, and other rolled material that needs to be cut. Be one of the first to step into the future provided by this high tech dispenser when you buy the Clean Cut.