Chef WizardWhen you are cooking, don’t you wish you only had one kitchen tool instead of using too many utensils at one time? Imagine being able to stir, lift, flip and stir the food you are cooking with just one utensil. The Chef Wizard is one such tool. It not only keeps your cooking time short and your stove neat and clean but also allows you to cook straight through without having to change utensils every now and then.

The Chef Wizard looks like two kitchen whisks combined to become a pair of tongs. The handles are solid for a steady hold, while the other end has 3 flat aluminum wires instead of the twisted manner on other tools used for whisking eggs and other liquid mixtures. The Chef Wizard can also be used as a whisk but it is more than that. Since the wires are formed so you could hold food, taking small or medium-sized food items like chicken, meat, potatoes, eggs, or any other foods from the pan, grill, or a bowl of boiling water is very easy to do. The wires allow the grease or oil to drip from the food before these are put on the plate. The Chef Wizard can also lift potatoes and vegetables from the pot effortlessly. The Chef Wizard is durable enough to be dipped into boiling water and is sturdy enough to hold the food items without fear of spillage. They are scratch-free and dishwasher safe too.

The Chef Wizard makes cooking and grilling so much easier because it keeps your hands away from the heat. Unlike ordinary utensils which absorb the heat from the pan or bowl while cooking, the Chef Wizard always keeps its handles cool to the touch so you have no worries about getting burned. Use the Chef Wizard and be safe while enjoying the pleasure of cooking your favorite dishes.

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