The Chef Basket is amazingly versatile! The makers of Chef Basket made sure that their creation helped people avoid burns. The handles do not get hot no matter how long the Chef Basket has been exposed to heat. They also wanted something that would prevent spills and be designed in such a way that it occupies as little kitchen space as possible. Cooking pasts is a cinch with Chef Basket. Just put the uncooked pasta in the basket, drape basket handles over sides of pan, and dip it in boiling water till it’s cooked. When pasta is cooked, simply flip the handles of the basket, pull it up to drain out the water, and let the pasta slide out into a plate.

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Imagine having a colander, frying basket, strainer, steamer receptacle and wire basket in your kitchen. That’s at least four different kitchen accessories that you need to store away. Now, check out Chef Basket, a revolutionary invention that is all those in just one kitchen accessory. And when you’re done, collapse it and store it flat in any drawer. How much more versatile can a kitchen accessory get?

Use the Chef Basket not just for pasta. You can cook other foods in it the same way, even hard-boiled eggs. Boil, steam, deep fry, blanch or poach your food. The Chef Basket can be dipped in boiling water or hot oil and handles stay cool to the touch. To use it as a steamer, reverse the Chef Basket, put it over a deep pan, and cover. The food being steamed stay well above the water line. And when you’re all done, collapse the Chef Basket so it lies flat and store. Say goodbye to bulky pans that don’t fit in your drawers. This one goes right into any size of drawer.

Save space, cook safely and enjoy the versatility that Chef Basket brings to your cooking and to your kitchen. It’s several accessories in one. Plus, it’s a great kitchen space saver as well.

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