Looking for better containers that can seal in the goodness of freshness and crispness for a longer time than your current containers so you can continue to enjoy food in their original containers? With Better Sealer, forget about buying those containers because you can use the original containers or packages the food came in and just seal them airtight and watertight. It seals in the freshness of its contents so you can eat them some other time and they still taste as good as when you first opened them.

Not all resealable bags do their job well. When air gets into bags that hold your meats in the freezer, they run the risk of freezer burn – that condition when frozen food are damaged due to oxidation and dehydration. Freezer burn causes dry spots in the food and changes parts of the meat into grayish hues. While it does not really cause a health risk, cooking meats that have freezer burn areas could affect how food tastes as those parts dry out.

It’s not only air that can ruin food inside a bag. Water can also seep in and damage fresh fruits and vegetables, making them easily rot. Better Sealer can be used on a variety of bags, seal it shut, making it both airtight and watertight.

Better Sealer is so easy to use and guarantees that leftover food stay as fresh as when you first opened the containers. No need to worry about freezer burn or crispy chips going stale due to moisture that gets into the bag. Better Sealer makes them taste as good as ever and they can last for weeks, sometimes months, if properly resealed.

An order of Better Sealer comes with 6 jumbo and 4 large Better Sealers, 4 Better Bag seals, and 2 storage caddies. This is great even as gifts to family and friends. Kids will even love the fact that their leftover chips and comfort food stay fresh and crisp even after being resealed many times.