Batter ProTrying to cover food with batter can be both messy and unhygienic. When covering raw fish with batter, you would need to hold the raw food with your fingers and swish it around the batter. Not only do you get your hands dirty but the handling of raw food can contaminate any other food you eventually handle like fresh vegetables. Chef Reece Williams designed the Batter Pro so you don’t need to handle the food with your bare hands.

Batter Pro is a revolutionary way to batter food evenly and hygienically. Batter Pro can evenly cover your meats, fish, chicken, vegetables, and/or any other kind of food with dry or liquid batter. Dry batter may consist of flour, bread crumbs, or other coating ingredient while liquid batter may consist of eggs, milk, or sauces. Batter Pro has three parts: bottom bowl, sifter, and lid. All the parts of Batter Pro are made of hard plastic for durability, easy handling and viewing. They are also dishwasher-free and spill-proof. When you use Batter Pro, you place the batter at the bottom of the container, and the food items on the sifter. Cover the container, grasp the container with both hands, and shake well. You will see that the batter goes through the holes of the sifter to cover evenly the entire portion of the food item and at the same time shakes off the extra batter -- all without getting the batter on yourself.

Batter Pro is so easy to assemble for use and easy to disassemble for cleaning purposes. By using Batter Pro with many of your favorite recipes, you not only cut your preparation time but you need not handle raw food with your hands. Preparing a meal has never been this fun and easy.

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