BaNoodleThere are times when you have leftover food after a meal or unfinished chips in bags that you'd like to keep crispy. Many food storage containers and bag clips often do not work. Air gets in and crispy chips oftentimes become soft and stale after a while. Food with liquid, like soup, cannot be safely kept because they often leak through the bags and clips. Fortunately, you don’t have to fret about keeping your food fresh, crisp and just as good as when it was first cooked or bought. BaNoodle is a simple and lightweight home necessity tool which is very useful for storing food in and keeping it airtight and watertight.

Everyone who loves to eat will find that BaNoodle is very handy in keeping food products airtight and watertight for many days. BaNoodle is a pliable, cored stick covered by a soft, rubbery material for easy handling. It can be used on any bag size and bag type -- whether plastic, paper, or foil bag -- to keep foods from spoiling. It is used for raw, cooked, or fresh foods, including chips, candies, and vegetables, and they can be stored in your cabinet drawers, refrigerator, or freezer. To seal a bag full of dry or watery food items, roll the open end of the bag onto BaNoodle several times, then fold the two ends to seal the bag completely. Your bag is now airtight and watertight as well! It is so user-friendly, even a child can use it. Every order comes in a set of 10 colored flexi-sticks.

BaNoodle makes food last longer by keeping them fresh inside an airtight container. Crispy food items stay crisp. You can also reuse BaNoodle as often as you want because it keeps its shape, dishwasher-safe, and storage is no problem.

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