Cake doesn’t have to always be round or rectangular. And you don’t need to be a whiz at baking to whip up a cake the way bakeshops do. With Bake Pops, add fun and snazzle to any kiddie or adult party. Turn the usual candle-on-a-cake tradition into a Bake Pops creative and decorating party. The kids (and adults) will surely love all the fun hours creating their own Bake Pops. And it’s so easy to eat too because each Bake Pops cake comes in a stick.

Cakes take a lot of time to do. And not everyone has the time. What if you had a few of your kids’ friends over and you really did not feel like making a regular cake? Bake Pops comes to the rescue.  No need for assembling all those complicated cake ingredients. Any cake mix will actually do. Just prepare the batter, pour it into a specially made Bake Pops pan, pop into the oven and in no time at all, you will have 18 perfectly baked, round Bake Pops. Push a stick into each one, have your tiny guests get a stick each, and the fun begins.

The Bake Pops can be individually decorated in whatever way you want. Squeeze chocolate syrup from a bottle to create stripes and other geometric shapes. Roll it on a place of sprinkles. Create animal or people faces on them. Dip them in melted white chocolate. And for themed events, you can decorate these to look like Halloween pumpkins, mummies or ghosts and for Christmas, make snowmen and wreaths, or just about anything that your kids; imagination can come up with.

Because you can just use any cake mix, anybody can make Bake Pops. Older kids will even have fun making these themselves and feel a sense of accomplishment at being able to bake something that comes out so well and is so much fun to prepare and decorate.

There’s a buy one, get one promo. With every order, you get 2 special Bake Pops pans, 2 decorating guides, 36 (18x2) sticks, 36 (18x2) wraps, and 2 decorating squeeze bottles.

Make your parties and get-togethers hours of bonding and eating fun. Send off now for your very own Bake Pops.