Bacon WaveIf bacon is one of your favorite food items, you can imagine the pleasure of eating one that is perfectly cooked: crisp and greaseless. Bacon Wave lets  you cook perfect bacon strips every time in your microwave -- up to as much as 28 pieces of evenly-cooked and crunchy bacon strips for you and your family to enjoy.

Bacon Wave is that amazing microwave accessory for people who wish to eat bacon without too much of the fat and cholesterol which are bad for one's health. Bacon Wave cooks bacon strips evenly. Bacon will remain crunchy and yummy with Bacon Wave. Its special tray can carry up to 14 strips of bacon on the tray. If you have guests at home, all you need to do is stack another Bacon Wave tray on top and you will be able to cook as many as 28 pieces in one go. Simply place the bacon strips on special cooking rods on the tray. The lower part of the Bacon Wave has an indention which serves to catch excess oil dripping from the bacon. It also avoids oil splashes onto your microwave plate. Youngsters and old folks can now take bacon without feeling guilty as they know that Bacon Wave minimizes the fat and cholesterol that is ingested. Its stack-and-pop into the microwave feature also means that even your teens can do the cooking for you. Aside from being fit for the microwave, Bacon Wave is also dishwasher safe.

Being the health-conscious person that you are, you ought to get Bacon Wave for the whole family. For party organizers and families with a big appetite for bacon, the Bacon Wave is a bargain.

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