The Bacon Genie is the bacon microwavable cookware wish come true! This Bacon Genie review will explore the numerous advantages you can get by using an innovative of cookware that is currently on SALE!

Bacon is one of the most wonderful things in the world to eat. Sliced thin or thick, fatty or lean, honey cured or salty, whatever appeals to you about bacon, you might have to consume less of it because of the high fat content. The fat in bacon is an integral part of it due to the part of the pork that is used. Now, you have an option to cook the bacon and get rid of the fat without having to take extra effort when you use the Bacon Genie.

When you fry bacon or use other microwavable cookware, to remove the grease, you would have to transfer the cooked bacon onto a plate that has a paper towel. If you have even done this, you would have noticed how much saturated the paper towel is with oil. Since the bacon strips will be draped over the Bacon Genie, as it cooks, the fat will drip down!

This cooking process is unique to the Bacon Genie because you get to hang up the bacon like it was a sheet on a clothes line. With this cooking method, the fat sizzles down and drips into the catch basin underneath. When you have zapped the bacon to perfection, you will simply take it out and place it on a plate to serve. What you would have accomplished is to cook bacon strips evenly with less fat!

Another advantage that you have to using the Bacon Genie is that it has catch basin. All the bacon drippings can be saved! You can use this oil to cook other food items when you saute or fry. The oil that the Bacon Genie stores will impart the terrific flavor of bacon to the other dishes that you cook.

Cooking bacon is made a lot easier, more perfect, and less greasy with the Bacon Genie. It is the inexpensive solution to cooking one of America's favorite food. Lessen the messy clean up of a frying pan and reduce the risk of bacon oil splattering all over your microwave. You can get to eat bacon more often. Make your wish of having less greasy, easy-to-cook bacon by ordering the Bacon Genie right now while it is still on sale.