2 tier microve steamerThe 2 Tier Microwave Steamer is an invaluable piece of kitchen equipment that will allow you to be able to cook healthy dishes fast. It can contain more ingredients than most other microwave streamers plus allow you to zap up two different kinds of dishes at once to save you time, money and effort. If you don't have one yet, you should really consider getting a 2 Tier Microwave Steamer as it can help you cook food in a healthier and quicker way.

There is hardly any kitchen equipment as versatile as this steamer as it can be used to steam food, as a serving platter, plus it be stored in the freezer. It fits almost all microwave ovens and dishwasher-safe. To use your new steamer, place enough water in the bottom of the steamer, add in the ingredients in the first and/or second tier, stack, and cover. Put the steamer into a microwave oven and cook at the proper setting. Depending on the microwave you are using, it may take less than a couple of minutes to have perfectly steamed food.

By steaming food, you can eliminate the use of oil and produce dishes that will promote better health. If you are into healthy eating, on a diet, or have health concerns that require you to consume dishes that are low in fat, want to heat up food like noodles or soimai without drying them out, or get to steam food quickly, this microwave steamer is ideal for you. It takes at least 15 minutes for water to boil using an ordinary steamer and burner, but with your new steamer, you can do it in a fraction of the time.

This product cannot be used to cook anything unless it is in a microwave. One cooking tip that might come in handy is to set the steaming time less at first, check if it is done, and zap again if needed as you don't want to eat over-steamed food. Aside from adding salt and pepper, it is possible to steam food with the addition of herbs and spices like tarragon, ginger, onions or garlic. Enjoy creating a variety of healthy and easy-to-prepare dishes with your new 2 tier Microwave Steamer.

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