TigerLight Non-Lethal Self Defense SystemThe world can be a scary place; you hear about violent attacks by predators on innocent citizens every single night on the news and wonder if the next one will happen to you or someone you love. It seems to happen everywhere, in shopping center parking lots, on jogging tracks, right in your own neighborhood or even in your own home you could easily become a victim if you weren’t properly prepared to handle the situation. TigerLight is a powerful new self defense tool that lets you take your prospective attacker by surprise before they can get the upper hand, which could keep you and your family safe.

TigerLight combines a highly powerful flashlight, which will surprise and temporarily blind your assailant, with a military grade pepper spray that will incapacitate the attacker and allow you and your loved ones time to get to a safe location.

The TigerLight is so compact that it literally fits right in your pocket, purse or the palm of your hand so you can be prepared and safe regardless of the situation. You never know when an attack might occur, or who your potential attacker may be so having a non-lethal form of self defense that can be taken with you anywhere you go is crucial if you want to keep your family and yourself safe.

If you want to escape a potentially violent attack unharmed, you need a method of defense that is accessible, easy to use and effective against even the biggest attackers, TigerLight is all three of those things an more – it is an incredible innovation in the world of personal protection.

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