Driver Detective finds out what is wrong with a driver and fixes it. When hardware is installed or attached to a computer and doesn't work properly, when a device used to work but now it won't, if an error message appears on a blue screen, it's not possible connect to the Internet to update the drivers, or computer keeps on restarting, and more, this Driver Detective review provides the immediate solution to these issues.

What are the steps that you should take to get rid of these problems? You might have to troubleshoot it which includes the removal of any new hardware, searching the Internet for the right driver that matches the OS and manufacturer of the computer, or do more advanced methods such as starting in the Safe Mode and doing all that technical stuff. That was the old way!

The new way to update, identify, and fix drivers is to use Driver Detective. Instead of you trying to figure out what's wrong, even if you are offline, the drivers will be found by it. After which, you get a full report so you know if the driver needs to be updated, repair, or even removed. With this powerful tool, no matter what kind of computer you have, be it a Dell, HP, or any other of the popular brands, Driver Detective shall seek out the problem and fix it in a few clicks.

Here are the features of the Driver Detective:

Machine Intelligence. This identifies the computer to provide the most accurate drivers available by accessing an extensive database. Manufacturers supported by Driver Detective include: Dell, HP, Compaq, Gateway, etc.

Industry Leading Scan Technology. Driver Detective has the most comprehensive and accurate Driver Scanning Engine which was , built by using the latest technology. Driver Detective has over 10 years experience in the driver scanning/detection industry.

Easy Migrator. To upgrade, reload or downgrade an operating system this feature shall automatically scan your computer’s hardware, download all of the latest drivers plus create a device driver migration CD.

Driver Backup Wizard. Driver Detective has a built-in wizard to enable you to copy as backup the downloaded drivers to a network drive, CD, or USB flash drive.

Integrated Customer Support. The support staff is there at all times to aid you in whatever relevant concerns or to give you assistance as needed. This is an advantage as there might be instances that you would need help, especially if you are not very technical.

Solve driver problems and remain updated the new way by using Driver Detective today.