Are you visiting a Spanish-speaking place on business or pleasure? Applying for a job that requires some fluency in Spanish? Or are you just one of those people raring to learn Spanish as a second language? Well, there are countless courses in schools, language centers, and online that one can choose from but most of them would require you to sit down for hours listening to long-winded lessons or reading long stories or conversations. Synergy Spanish takes learning Spanish down a different route and lets you learn to speak it by just knowing as little as 138 Spanish words.

Synergy Spanish is for people who don’t have the luxury of time or money (or patience) to learn Spanish the traditional, classroom style. It was tailored knowing that most people have attention spans of 20-30 minutes only so all the lessons are short, running about 10-20 minutes, and it allows you to absorb a lesson thoroughly and practice it with others before moving on to the next lesson. Synergy Spanish starts you out with just 138 words. Many skeptical people would say that these are too few for anyone learning a language but studies have shown that in most ordinary conversations, most people use only about 100 unique words. Of course that is only the start. As you continue to use these basic words and encounter new ones, your vocabulary will eventually expand.

Synergy Spanish comes in 5 sections. Section One comes in 8 lessons where you learn to talk about yourself. In Section Two, you start expanding your conversation skills. Here you learn sentence starters and sentence builders. In Section Three, you will learn conversations that you can use as a family when you travel. Section Four prepares you for conversations with groups of people like workers or students. Section Five helps you talk about different topics like your family, countrymen, officemates and other people using perfectly conjugated Spanish. There are two versions of Synergy Spanish – as an instant download or the home delivery version.

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