Rocket PianoDid you think that to learn piano you had to start at a very young age in order to get a chance to play professionally? Or that to play piano well, you had to sit in front of it almost daily to practice for a couple of hours? Or that you needed to spend a small fortune on piano lessons with a professional teacher to learn the right techniques? Well, Rocket Piano is taking the teaching of piano one level up by designing it for people whose piano skills range from beginner to advanced and, through downloadable piano courses, will teach you the rudiments of playing the piano, including how to play pieces from different genres and playing by ear.

Rocket Piano includes downloadable guides, videos, audio and software to teach piano at all levels. There are ebooks that you can download (beginner, intermediate and advanced) with your order, including ebooks on topics such as how to play pieces from jazz and gospel genres, finger techniques, improvisation, and playing by ear.  The kind of music that you will learn to play is not limited to the finger exercises that beginners first learn to play. If you are fond of jazz, pop rock, classical or even gospel music, you will learn how to listen, then play them on the piano with the right timing and rhythm as a professional normally would. The lessons in Rocket Piano are fun to do (it comes with games and a metronome) so learning is accelerated. You will also get solid grounding in music theory that includes the history of piano and how it works. Playing the piano is not all about just reading notes off a piano piece. Rocket Piano teaches you to improvise your playing so even without a piano piece in front of you, you can surprise family and friends by playing a piece in your own style.

Whether you are 9 or pushing 90, Rocket Piano will help you learn the basics of piano playing, then help you move on to more advanced levels easily with their online instructions. Maybe the only real missing feature for now is online support (it is currently done via email) but that is hopefully something coming in the near future.

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