Get insider information and see an in-depth video review into the members login area, right in this Real Writing Jobs Review! Read about my experience with Real Writing Jobs and what I personally gained from becoming a member and see some of my members only screenshots in this review.


See what Real Writing Jobs to offer you
If your interested in freelance writing, or are looking for more work as a continuing writer, Real Writing Jobs is your go to place for resources. Real Writing Jobs works as a liason between writers and companies, you as the writer will be an employee of the individual company. Members receive training and tutorials on how to become a freelance writer, receive access to hundreds of jobs that are ready to be filled, and receive free writing books and software. There is unlimited help and support included in the membership to make sure that each member can get the best freelance writing positions.

Members will have the choice of which freelance writing jobs they are interested in and members of all countries are eligible to becoming a freelance writer and find a writing job through Real Writing Jobs. As a member you will have detailed instructions on everything concerning getting writing jobs. The tutorials go over how to bid on projects, what will be expected of you if you do win the writing position, and give you instruction and resources on how to best complete the various writing assignments available. The information available as a member is so detailed it is like having your very own mentor there with you every step of the way toward becoming a freelance writer.

There are all types of writing jobs available - anything from writing blog posts to doing proofreading assignments. If you like to write reviews or articles then the amount of money that can be made is unlimited - the amount of money you can make totally depends on the amount of time and effort you are willing to invest. Most jobs and companies pay immediately upon completion of the assignment through Paypal though each company is different and the payment options will be spelled out before you even sign up for a writing position.

Here is My Personal Experience and What I received from Real Writing Jobs
After signing up for my membership and logging in I was a little intimidated to jump right in and didn’t feel up to sitting down and reading the “getting started tutorial” which was the second thing I did. I went right for the special bonuses, whats listed below is only the special offers I took advantage of my first day as a member and what I learned. (See my member screenshot below for a complete list of the special bonuses you will receive).

  • Make Money With Amazon Affiliate Program ($37 Value - Free with Membership!)
    I watched these 17 videos while doing some house work, even just having these videos on while working on other things, I was able to absorb a lot of great information.
  • Domain Cash Generator ($39.99 Value - Free with Membership!)
    These 7 videos on how to become a domain investor I also learned a lot from, again, just watching in the background while getting other things done.
  • 7 Step Getting Started Tutorial (priceless information - great tutorial to start with - Free with Membership!)
  • Make Money As a Professional Blogger ($17 Value - Free with Membership!)
    This ebook showed me step by step how to become a professional blogger.
  • How to Get 250 Business Cards From Vista Print (starting price $19.99 Value - Free with Membership!)
  • Writing can truly be exciting when you realize the true profit potential just from sharing your own thoughts. The concepts I learned are simple ideas, but this simple knowledge can be turned into huge profits. Don’t forget that whats listed above is what I gained from just my first night as a member, with my continued membership I will benefit even more from the unlimited number of resources that Real Writing Jobs has to offer...

Here is an Overview of Some of the Resources Available with Real Writing Jobs
(Here is what I am currently taking advantage of with my membership - see my most recent screenshots below)

The Member Area screenshot (image to right), is exactly what you see when you log in. This is a list of the categories of resources available as a member and what information I found there.

  • The Writing Job Database - extensive list of writing related jobs (over 1,000 available)
  • Premium Writing Jobs - list of HOT hand picked jobs
  • Full/Part Time Jobs
  • More Ways to Make $$$ - a list of other great writing ideas
  • Writing Contests - lots of resources for: writing, poetry, and book contests... even scholarship information can be found here
  • Write for Magazines - a list of what you need, and how to become a writer for nearly a hundred different magazines

I am currently looking into some of the writing contests to help myself gain some more confidence in my own writing skills while also browsing through the actual job offers to get a feel for freelance writing. I have a greater confidence in myself and my abilities as a freelance writer from all of the knowledge and resources I have now as a member of It feels great knowing that you I can professionally share your words and thoughts in a captivating manor for MONEY!

Here is a couple wonderful tips that I learned and where I found them so you can read more about them if you see something you like!

  • When starting, don’t be so interested in making massive amounts of money right off the bat, this may lead to some discouragement. Readers want to know who is behind the information and be able to have trust in your words. Be humble in what you post, only share things that you have put your heart and mind into writing, and only promote things that you are truly excited about. (Getting Started Tutorial)
  • From reading Making Money As a Professional Blogger I learned that blogging is a good place to start. Blogging is a wonderful way to get ideas, stimulate your own creativity, and learn more about yourself and your strengths. Blogging is for personal opinions and discussing what you are really passionate about. In my opinion it is a great way to start to develop your own writing style since you can write so openly and about things you already are interested in or know about; you can expand your writing as your feel comfortable. (Special Bonus Ebook)

The site itself quotes that you will “receive $3,780 worth of (writing) tools.” The information that I personally looked at my first day was in the bonus ebooks and videos, that alone was valued at about $120, you too can see what I learned my first day, and even everything I haven’t got to yet with only a trial membership.

Here is the Secret to How I got a Discount on my Membership!
A trial membership is available in Real Writing Jobs - you can join for 7 days for only $4.95. If you like the information on the website you will be billed an additional one-time $77. And it does come with a 60 day money back guarantee. But, don't sign up immediately - click off of the website and you will be offered the 7 day trial for $4.95 and then access to the program after the trial for a one-time payment of $47.

Don't feel alone, I too am hesitant to sign up for anything on the Internet, but the 60 day money back guarantee is what reassured me enough to give this fabulous opportunity a shot! I want to help get people past that same hesitation that I had, this is exactly why I have included my member only screenshots with you! I hope that by sharing my own personal experience will lead to you being as inspired as I feel right now with everything that has to offer!