PianoforallThere's another way of learning how to play the piano that does not start from boring finger exercises but get you downright into playing a funky piano piece. The trick here is not what you learn but the method by which you learn how to play the piano, complete with the proper rhythms and chords. In the traditional method of teaching piano, you are first taught how to sight read so you can play pieces based on musical notation. This takes a long time to learn and often, students give up as the pieces are the usual boring ones. Pianoforall, designed by Robin Hanks, works the other way around. You learn how to play chords in different rhythms and patterns as well as how to embellish your playing, then you build on that and learn to play by ear and sight read along the way.

Pianoforall is made up of 10 ebooks in all, with 500 audio and 200 videos embedded into the books. Books 1 to 4 lay the foundation for your piano playing. Here you will learn all about rhythm. Playing 'rhythm style' piano was what people like Elton John, the Beatles, Billy Joel, Coldplay adopted. In these books you'll learn new riffs, patterns, extended chords, inversions, harmony and many more techniques. Books 5 to 10 build on the foundation. Once you have the solid foundation from Books 1 to 4 where you master chords, rhythm and basic harmony, you will learn here to play ballads, jazz and advanced blues and ragtime. You will also learn how to improvise and compose your own melodies and begin to sight read.  Based on the Pianoforall method, instead of sounding like a beginner practicing arpeggios and other finger exercises and playing simple, traditional pieces, you will sound like a pro as you jump in with jazzy and funky pieces during a party.

Since Pianoforall is interactive, you could begin by reading a lesson but at any time, you could click and listen to an audio file to hear how the lesson sounds. To see how it is played on the piano, you can just click again to watch a video. Print out any section you want to set on your piano. Everything you'll need is right inside Pianoforall. With your order comes a bonus book "Increase Your Creative Ability by 400%". Piano playing with Pianoforall can't be more fun or easy.

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