Phil Mickelsons Short Game Golf SecretsGolfing aficionados, if you spend a lot of time practicing your golf swings at a driving range, you know that besides spending time perfecting your stance, swing and aim whether driving the ball into the distance or putting it into the hole, what you really need to improve your game is a good trainor. Of course, getting trainors who are professional golfers themselves can cost an arm and a leg. But now, you have access to one such golf pro who won not just one, but three Masters championships, and who will teach you to improve your golf games -- Phil Mickelson in his DVD, Phil Mickelson's Short Game Golf Secrets.

In the Phil Mickelson's Short Game Golf Secrets DVD set, you will hear Phil Mickelson share his unique philosophy about golf. He also provides detailed instructions on different golf shots such as putting, chipping using his "hinge and hold" method, sand shots, Phil's famous flop shot (which he popularized after the PGA Tour in 1992), his "Two Balls in Bunker" shot and specialty shots like his "Backward-Over-The-Head" shot. All the brilliant shots that can only come from Phil Mickelson will be shown in the Phil Mickelson's Short Game Golf Secrets. It's not difficult to understand the techniques that Phil teaches because he does so in a very relaxed way and makes even difficult concepts easier to understand. The 2-disc DVD set brings you 105 minutes of Phil's techniques. Demonstrations are done in slow motion with different camera angles shown so you see the proper way to execute a shot in different ways. While this DVD set is primarily for more serious golfers, beginners will also appreciate it as there are many tips and tricks they can try out.

Wow your friends with a greatly improved round of golf after you learn how from Phil Mickelsons Short Game Golf Secrets.

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