Google can't read. Out of the 2 vital elements in ranking a website, you can dominate with keywords. Content is the other factor that will make you succeed - and since Google recognizes the letters placed together, the way to ensure success is to use a real-time tool like Keyword Competition.

You might have had an inkling about this fact. Before even embarking to build a website or create a blog, you could have done some research using online research tools such as the Google Adwords Keywords tool.

After having carefully chosen the 2 to 3 keywords for your site, you went a step further to make a list of the LSI keywords. Then, for every post you published, the formula of placing a keyword on the first, middle, and last paragraph is followed. You must have checked it for keyword density, and added a sprinkling of LSI keywords.

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When all of these things were done, from SEO optimization of the website, and adding enough articles to make it rank, the site still did not generate the income you desired. The reason why is because your keyword is passe and no longer being search as ardently as before.

The Internet audience is ever changing. Trends have to be followed as seen by how many marketing tools include searches of sites like Twitter to be in the know. What if you could capture on of the long-tail keywords of your toughest competitor and dominate that one? What if you could create more website that will rank on top of 20 million, 30 million, and even highly competitive niches without the use of a lot of SEO strategies?

Google can't read but when you place together enough letters to make the keyword, and put enough content to get it noticed, you can rank on top, all the time, for more keywords using the features of Keyword Competitor which includes Daily Tracking and more.

If your website or blog had made it to the top, but the income is not what you expected, if you want to generate more, if you are planning to build a website or blog, or have heavy competition, get the trend, use the right keywords and keyphrases, and do the research in real time with Keyword Competitor.

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