hostgatorSo many people in the internet world recommend that you use Host Gator, but is it really the best web host? Before you buy any web hosting, take a moment to see what the advantages and disadvantages are to using Host Gator for your website building needs and making money online.

When the company started in 2002, there were only a few webhosting sites in the net. After providing years of reliable service, Host Gator is now one of the leading sites for this service, with over 2.5 million hosted domains. Service at its best is what you can expected when your access

If you want to build a website, buy a domain name like Then go to Hostgator and decide which web hosting account you want. There are 3 basic plans that range from about 5 to 13 dollars a month. After you buy the plan that you want, there will be a step by step tutorial on how to build your own website. You never have to worry as the online chat is there for your 24 hours a day.

Aside from the 3 different kinds of web hosting account, you can make money with a ReSeller Hosting account, and Host Gator will guide you through the process of creating your own webhosting company. There is also the option to buy advanced VPS Hosting or having a Dedicated Server. Deciding what is best to suit your needs is a breeze because every single package is highly detailed and there is a movable scale that will enable to you to view all the different levels in a specific category. If you have any sales, billing or technical questions, you can use the 24-hour chat, send in an email, or call them up.

Many new site owners choose the option to buy a domain name for sites like Namecheap or GoDaddy, then transfer the domain name to their webhost. You can also buy your domain name from Host Gator, using their service known as Registry Rocket. Though buying your domain name from Registry Rocket is a bit more pricey than other places, it will give you the advantage of having all your website building needs in one host, eliminating any possible problems in the future with regard to renewing the domain name and transferring it again. There is also a provision in Registry Rocket that will give you unlimited subdomains, though Host Gator will still do this for you even if you buy your domain name from another site.

The after sales service is splendid. Even while building your site, before doing any step or if you make a mistake, Host Gator will provide all the answers you need. You cannot get that kind of detailed service from any other web host. If you want to make money online by selling products or services, start a website for your own project, share information, build a community site, or for whatever purpose you may have, the only web host that the majority of internet marketers recommend is

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