Accidents happen. The screen of your mobile phone cracks after a nasty fall. The home button of your iPhone no longer works. Or the problem could be any of possibly hundreds of things that could go wrong. When your gadgets need repair, do not despair. Direct Fix allows you to send off for the parts that your gadget needs and with their videos, you can do the repairs yourself at home. Gadgets do not have to be shipped off to some repair center for weeks on end while you are left unproductive. You can do it yourself right at home!

We may try to avoid them but accidents happen at the most unexpected of times. Or a part of your gadget suddenly stops working. It could be a simple battery, a broken screen, a power button, an internal screw, or whatever else. Just think -- these gadgets contain almost everything we need at work and in our personal lives.  Going without it for days, possibly weeks, is oftentimes unimaginable.

Direct Fix carries all kinds of parts for Androids, Apple devices, Blackberries, gaming devices and other smartphones. How does this work? In a jist, you determine what part/s you need repaired. It could be a broken screen, a battery that needs replacing, the touch panel, a back cover, or some small mechanical parts that are not working properly. You then order the parts from Direct Fix. Once the parts get to you, select from one of the numerous videos on Direct Fix’s website that would specifically meet your repair needs. The videos are not only clear but very detailed and lead you step by step so you can confidently do the repair yourself.

Direct Fix’s range of inventory items are good for gadgets that include the iPhone 2G up to iPhone 4S; iPod Touch; all Android devices; iPad 1 to iPad 3; Macbook Air 13”; Macbook Pro 15” to 17; Nintendo game players; Blackberry; Palm PDAs; Palm Treo phone; and many more. Direct Fix ships to over 40 countries including the USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and the UK.

There are instances when sending off a gadget for repair is just not practical. Simple repairs can be done by someone like you if you only knew how. Direct Fix provides you the parts and with its videos, lets you get right down and do repairs on your gadget yourself.