waterjetIf you want to save yourself a lot of time and effort when cleaning and doing gardening chores PLUS be able to achieve more, you should buy the Water Jet. The Water Jet is a watering hose attachment that will make the water flow out in a powerful jet stream. It makes your ordinary watering hose turn into a jet sprayer like the one used in car washes and is versatile enough to be used for more things as it the water stream can be made into a gentle sprinkle, have targeted streaming, or even turn a powerful sweeping water fan.

The main difference between the Water Jet and those other power washers is that it needs no electricity at all to work but the velocity and spraying power that you will get is the same, and it can be pushed even more. The Water Jet extension attachment is 30 inches long, made from lightweight, heavy-duty aluminum, and it will help water reach up to 2 stories high. This means that you can clean the entire exterior of a standard home while standing on the ground, exerting only as much effort as watering the garden. Get rid of dirt, dust, bee hives, and termite homes by spraying them off safely with the strong water stream coming from your new Water Jet.

Watch The Water Jet - Water Sprayer Commercial Video As Seen On Tv

Water JetThe Water Jet features an easy-to-use handle that you can use to regulate the water flow. When you want to pump out more or lessen the stream, or get to stop the water, you don't have to make the long trip back and forth to the faucet water source. This handle, and the Water Jet itself, will help you save a lot of H2O, as the water will come out under your direct control, wetting only the areas you want to as hard or as gently as you want it, when you want to.

When you get the Water Jet cleaning solution, you will be provided with a free brass attachment that will turn the stream into a fan. Use the Water Jet to clean your car, your pavement, terrace, and patio. Blast away, wash away, water your garden, and clean like never before by attaching your watering hose to your new Water Jet, the ultimate water high power washer.