Twin-Draft-GaurdMy house has always been the draftiest house that I can remember being in. During the winter months I get so cold that I can hardly stand it. Most nights I will have to sit with a blanket on my lap even when the heater is on. I am not a person that gets cold easy wither, so this is very surprising. I usually turn the heater up pretty high, but there is still a very cold draft that comes right in through the bottom of the doors that cuts right into your bones to make you cold. I have to sleep with three blankets on me during the winter months. I also spend way too much money on my electric bill because I am constantly putting up the heater to try to fight the cold draft, even though it doesn't seem to help much.

One day I had a coworker over to my house for lunch and we got on the subject of my house being so drafty and cold during the winter months. She told me that the house that she used to live in had the same exact problem until her and her husband purchased the Twin Draft Guard. I was very interested in hearing about it so she told me how it fits on the bottom of your doors and keeps the drafts from coming into your house from the bottom of them. I found out the information from her and decided to go ahead and purchase them to try in my home.

When I got my Twin Draft Guards I was glad to see that they were very easy to install. I wanted to see exactly how well they worked so I turned my heater down to what I thought it should be on and I went to the store and to run some errands. I was gone a couple of hours and when I came back I was so happy to see that my house was nice and cozy. The drafts were gone! I am so very glad that I found out about the Twin Draft Guard!

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