tool-band-ItMy husband does a lot of the work around our house. He has used a tool belt in the past when he has been doing different projects in the past. It always seemed so awkward to me and I don't know how wearing a thick and heavy tool belt can be easy when you are trying to do work around the house. He would still be walking around holding nails and screws in his mouth. I asked him if wearing a tool belt was as uncomfortable as it seemed and he said yes. I wish we had known about the Tool Bandit a long time ago.

For his birthday I wanted to get him something that he would get a lot of use out of. My husband is a bit hard to buy for and I usually end up letting him pick out his own gifts, but that takes all of the fun out of it. The day that I saw the commercial for the tool bandit I was so excited. I just knew that I would have to get him it for his birthday and I knew that he would love it. The Tool Bandit is a band which you wear around your arm and it allows you to hang all of your tools off of it. You can hang your hammer, screw driver, nails, and screws from it. It uses a magnetic force to keep the tools on the band.

I gave the Tool Bandit to my husband on his birthday and it ended up being the perfect birthday present. He said that he saw it himself and had been planning on getting it. He wears his Tool Bandit every time that he does a job around the house now. He no longer has nails hanging out of his mouth or has to yell for me to bring him a tool. This is the perfect thing for anyone that is tired of fumbling around in big tool belts or misplacing their tools while they are working.

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