Squeeze WrenchDo you get annoyed by your inability to work better and faster with your ordinary wrench? Here is something to help you make your life easier. Introducing the Squeeze Wrench, an upgraded wrench which you can use in so many ways.

The Squeeze Wrench is an innovative tool used by many home improvement enthusiasts which you, too, can take advantage of to improve your home and your lifestyle. This tool enables you to give minimum work effort, but results are bigger than you think. The Squeeze Wrench is perfect for getting into tight spaces in and around your house to turn bolts and screws. Unlike old wrenches you need not twist your hand several times to unscrew or unbolt a fastener. All you need to do is just squeeze the handles and out the fasteners go – in just one movement. Your hands will not feel any pain or hardness because the handles have a rubber covering for easy and effective gripping. Since this great tool weighs only 1 pound, it is very easy to store and bring around wherever you go for any emergency you need. Each order includes the following items: the Squeeze Wrench tool, 5 metric socket inserts,  4 standard socket inserts, a 14” bit adapter, 2 screwdriver bits and 1 compact case. The compact case was specially designed to keep the Squeeze Wrench free from rust and dust particles, and to keep the smaller items in order. It is rather important to make mention here that the Squeeze Wrench works like a wrench and pliers rolled into one. So, why use two different tools for your repairs and/or improvement tasks when you can just use one?

It is time you make your life better with the Squeeze Wrench.

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