Service-MagicWhen I bought my home I had bought it as a fixer upper. I had got a really good deal on it and I figured that I could find people to do the repairs at low prices and have a nice home for an affordable price. Once I moved into the home I began searching for people to help me out with the repairs. I needed an electrician, painter, plumber, landscaper, and more. I started going through the phone book and it wasn't long before I found out that the phone book was not a good idea. A lot of the numbers were out of service. The other numbers where giving me too high of rates that would simply not work for my budget.

I began to get worried and wonder if I had got myself in over my head by purchasing a fixer upper. Then one day while I was searching for repair men I found out about Service Magic. On the service magic site I was able to search for all of the repair people that I needed and get a fast and free quote. Th quotes were reasonable and the companies that I was finding were professional. I credit the quality of the companies listed due to the fact that service magic is particular about who they list. They make sure that the companies have all of the proper licensing and certifications.

I have got a lot of the work around my house done from those that I found off of service magic and I am very happy with the prices that I have received, as well as the quality of the work that each company did on my home. I have had a very pleasant experience with service magic and I will continue to use them to find more companies to help with the work that I need done. I am glad that I found out about them because I had been ready to just give up before I found service magic.

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