QuikStripDo you get frustrated in cutting wires with your wire stripper? Why don’t you try QuikStrip? It is a new and portable tool used for cutting and stripping wires from as thin as 10 gauge to as thick as 24 gauge.

QuikStrip is the answer to all your wiring needs. It is the only tool or accessory which can speed up all the cutting, splicing, and re-wiring you need to do in your house, office, and even for re-wiring your vehicles. Without QuikStrip you will be forced to use a lot of other cutters or strippers in a variety of sizes. You not only waste your money with an unnecessary number of tools, but you will also spend more time cutting or splicing those wires (which hardly do the job right) than on spending time with your family and friends. With QuikStrip, you only need one or two pieces of tools to complete the same job in less time needed. One size of QuikStrip is used for small wires like those used for bicycles and phone connections; the other size is for bigger and wider wires. The QuikStrip looks like a pair of pliers, but the head is wide and flat, though the tip is thicker than that of the pliers and stronger when it clamps onto the wire. The whole body of QuikStrip is made of hard plastic, fastened by bolts, and being easy to handle, will not hurt your hands. With QuikStrip you cut the insulator of the wires in a clean cut manner and you also strip off all the wires neatly in just one sweep.

QuikStrip is the only portable tool you will need to have for all your cutting and stripping needs. Don’t waste your time with other tools you may never get to use. All you need is QuikStrip.

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