MXZ SawIf you’re a handyman, how many different saws do you have in your collection? You might have a rip saw, a keyhole or jab saw, a hack saw, a tile saw and a cross cut saw – just to name a few. That is one heck of a lot of different saws, that when added up can put quite a dent in your wallet.

The good news for the prospective handyman, whose tool bench isn’t already loaded with the pricey tools, is that they can all be replaced on one compact but powerful tool – The MXZ Saw. The MXZ Saw is so compact that it can fit right in your pocket, but so versatile that it will do the job of any saw mentioned above and then some. This incredible tool can cut through wood, drywall, plastic or metal conduit, tile, rubber and even concrete; but the most amazing thing about this amazing hand tool innovation is that it will never need to be re-sharpened – because the revolutionary carbide blade will never get dull.

The MXZ Saw is the best in the business for cutting versatility and durability, but it’s also one of the safest saws on the market. Unlike cross cut, rip and jab saws that have razor sharp edges that can cause nasty wounds with the smallest contact, the unique blade of the MXZ Saw is actually safe to touch. When you’re finished with your cutting job or home improvement project, you just neatly fold down the blade into the handle and safely store it right in your pocket – that’s something that you can’t do with any of the saws listed above. The MXZ Saw effectively replaces hundreds of dollars of other hands saws for a fraction of the cost and is so compact that you can clear all of the clutter form your tool bench by purchasing it, it’s a must have for any handyman.

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