I live in a house that is full of kids and pets. This takes a toll on my carpet. I gave up a long time ago on having stain free carpet. I would still try to get out the stains as they occur by trying different products and using a lot of elbow grease. I would scrub away at new stains as they happened and feel as if I had got them out. Then the carpet would dry and the stain would be back. I ended up investing in throw rugs to cover many of the bigger stains up. It seemed like I would never find a product that really worked at getting out the stains.

One day I saw a commercial for an amazing stain remover,The Mighty Blast,that can make stains disappear from six feet away. The day I received my Mighty Blast I decided to try it out on old stains that had already set in. I really didn't expect it to get them out and that would have been alright with me, I wouldn't expect anything to get out old set in stains. I was shocked, but it actually got them out!

Now I keep my can of Mighty Blast on the cupboard in front of all of my other cleaning supplies, it is by far my favorite cleaning supply of all time. Now when my kids, or the animals make messes I don't get stressed out wondering if I'll be able to get the stain out of the carpet. I just grab my can of Mighty Blast and spray the stain. I don't have to bend down and scrub, I don't even have to touch the area. Mighty Blast takes care of everything and the stain disappears right before my eyes. If you are sick of fighting stains then you should consider getting a can for yourself.

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