lynea crown moldingsIf you are looking for some neat crown moldings and decorative products to instantly beautify your home, Lynea Crown Moldings stocks an inspiring collection of some of the most striking looking custom designs and handcrafted patterns. Crown moldings are a great beautification option for people who find plain moldings a tad too boring for their interiors. It helps you make a style statement without appearing flashy. Lynea features several hand crafted molds and tailor made designs to make detailed and distinct crown moldings. Check out their best selling Wave pattern or the classic Modillon design.

The personal, family owned enterprise worked considerably hard to produce fine architectural accents and easy to install miterless crown moldings with matching corners at affordable prices. Their craftsmanship comprises contemporary as well as classic designs and the materials are made of high density polyurethane molded with heavy detailing. Apart from being mildew and beautiful, the products are also terminate resistant and highly durable. In short, Lynea is a combination of beauty and functionality.

The site features an extensive and easy to skim through catalog along with the week’s best deal and a product spotlight section that lists upcoming items on the site.

Apart from top quality products at reasonable prices, the enterprise also offers proficient customer service. You can speak to their helpful staff 24X7 for free to get an expert opinion or answers to your queries. In addition to that you can place your order or make special requests over a toll free number or e-mail.

Clients placing their order before 3:30 pm PST can take advantage of same day shipping and Lynea has a free shipping policy on all orders. Again they have a no questions return policy where you can return all the items in a good condition without having to bear the cost of shipping and handling.

If you are going to embark on a DIY home improvement mission and are wary of going through instructions on miter cutting, Lynea’s handy matching inside and outside corner blocks will save the day for you. The corner blocks sport a nice double mitered look that looks great and offers the convenience of having to do away with cumbersome miter cuts. The site has helpful instructions on the installation process along with a guide on the material best suited for your home and a molding calculator to work out the exact number of pieces needed.

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