HexLightFlashlights are such handy tools. They make you see and work in low light. The problem with using flashlights many times though is that you have to hold them. And there are jobs or tasks that require you to use both hands, making it very unwieldy to try to work with two hands while trying to hold the flashlight in the direction of the object you want light shone on. Now, HexLight solves your dilemma by providing you with light that you can wear on your forearm.

Inventor Eric Prater came up with the idea for HexLight while digging trenches as a Marine, using a standard government-issued flashlight. Realizing there was a better way to work, he designed HexLight. HexLight looks like a thick bracelet with 6 ultra bright LED lights encircling it. You insert it into your forearm where it fits snugly and when turned on, all the lights automatically focus their beams in the direction of your hands and at whatever it is you are working on or pointing at. In fact, it is the best flashlight you can have when you are working in very tight spaces and do not have the leeway to hold the ordinary flashlight. HexLight is your best bet when you work under the sink doing plumbing work, or climbing up ladders, trees or posts in low light. You could be walking your dog, carrying groceries at night, walking or biking and HexLight would light up your path. Wearing the HexLight is not uncomfortable because it is ultra light. It also helps that it is water resistant, allowing you to work even in rain and outdoors while camping or hunting. It also has a long battery life.

Being a handyman has never been as easy as it is with HexLight. Hands-free lighting gets the job done easily.

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