Flex Seal is a flexible rubber sealant that seals practically anything. It's waterproof, and makes getting rid of leaks and other similar repair work done in just minutes. We all have seen the commercial where the guy cuts off the bottom of the boat and replaces it with a screen door coated in Flex Seal right? Its true, Flex Seal IS that amazing - Before you call a professional repairman or use sticky putty, discover for yourself what this new sealant can do for you with this Flex Seal review.

Do watch this Flex Seal review video to find out easy it is to use to repair things!

Flex Seal is the repair sealant that does NOT need to be molded or touched as it's sprayed on. The liquid rubber sprays out evenly to cover and you have complete control on how much Flex Seal is to be dispersed. No more pre-measuring old tacky putty just to to find out you need more, no need to worry if the unused portion will dry out, no need to maneuver and ensure that all the parts are covered by having to physically touch the area to be repaired when you use Flex Seal.

Flex Seal can be used on wood, metal, tile, concrete, masonry, fabric, glass, plastic, aluminum, porcelain, dry wall, rubber, cement, vinyl and more kinds of surfaces. Roofs, gutters, pipes, cracked windows - anything that you need to be fixed can be done with this spray sealant, and with ease of use Flex Seal has definitely earned its name as the best new sealant.

Lets face it, rain is inevitable, and when it comes leaks can start. Pipes can crack and have holes. Drafts in your home can be from gaps in the windows. Repairing these problems and other similar ones is no longer an issue. Just spray on Flex Seal. Made from rubber, this sealant will endure extreme heat and is waterproof.

Flex Seal can be used even if the area is wet. Leaks spring up without warning. When it's raining and the ceiling is dripping, when the kitchen sink pipe has water leaking out, you can use Flex Seal to stop it instantly while it's still wet. Take note that some of the sealant may get washed away by the still leaking water - but Flex Seal will help you to salvage the situation. Flex Seal is ideally used when the area is dry, but it was also designed for use in these "oh crap" situations.

Flex Seal may be reapplied to obtain the desired thickness and width. One spray may not fully cover the area to be repaired, so just spray it on again. Simple, effective, efficient.

Flex Seal can be painted. This sealant is black in color. When it has been fully cured, you can paint over it. This is a great feature as the repaired part will be unnoticed.

When you need to fix something fast, use Flex Seal, the inexpensive yet durable sealant that is probably the best Do It Yourself solution for such problems.