angies_listWhen I moved into my new home I had just relocated from another state and I didn't know where anything was. I had a lot of repairs that needed to be done on my home and had no idea of who I should use to get these repairs done -- thank God for Angie's List!

I didn't even know anyone in the area that I could ask about the different contractors and repair men that they would recommend, I was pretty in the dark. I tried to go through the phone book, bu most of the numbers were disconnected or I could never get through, it was very frustrating trying to figure out how to find the people that I needed to find to make the repairs on my home.

Angie's List

One day I found out about Angie's List and I knew that I had to see what I could find out on there, it seemed like the best chance that I had of finding the companies that I needed to find. I went on Angie's List and I was surprised at the amount of information that was on it. I was able to locate contractors in my neighborhood that I could actually get in touch with. I have found all of the companies to complete my work that needed to be done around the house and most of it is already finished. The work was done well and I was able to keep within my budget. I found Angie's List through the above link, that link actually saved me $10.00 off when I used it so that was a little extra bonus too.

If you are trying to find contractors in your neighborhood then you will want to check out Angie's List, all you do to get started is to put your zip code into the search box. You should use this link because it will save $10.00 on Angie's List just like it did me. This is the easiest way that I have found of finding contractors in my area, and they did great work!

Click here to save $10.00 on Angie's List.