Zip Notes review - sticky note dispenser

Write your messages as long as you want with Zip Notes! This awesome sticky note dispenser is great for lengthy messages! With a special adhesive backing, your sticky notes will never curl up again! No longer do you have to cram what you want to write down in a small little piece of paper because with your new fantastic Zip Notes dispenser, you can make the paper as long as you want.

The hassle of writing down messages on sticky notes is that when you run out of space, you have to get a new one. You have to pick the right size but if you want to add to what you wrote down, there is no more room on the paper. Sure, it's great to write down a couple of phone numbers on sticky notes, but if your message is long, you need Zip Notes!

Watch this Zip Notes video to see how great this upgraded sticky notes are!

Zip Notes work just like a tape dispenser or a tissue paper dispenser. It has taken the pad of sticky notes and turned it into a roll. With Zip Notes, you will just push a button to get the length that you want and after writing down on it, stick it anywhere! Zip Notes is so cool and makes writing notes so much better! Zip Notes is the office and school supply that makes your note writing task more efficient!

People who use sticky notes know for a fact that they curl up and look messy on the paperwork,  the computer, the bulletin board, the refrigerator, and all the other places you place them on!  Since Zip Notes adhesive backing strip run down the back of the paper, the paper will not curl upwards and lay flat on what it is stuck on unlike the old-style stick notes. Zip Notes makes your notes posting look neat!

The adhesive backing of Zip Notes is much better that all the other sticky notes, that's why it will not fall of the surface placed it on. Stop picking up or losing your sticky notes, get Zip Notes to write down your messages on!

If you have a bunch of sticky notes on top of a table or inside a drawer, you know that it does look disorganized! You have to take extra effort finding the one that is the right size to use it then placing it back on the stack correctly or returning it into the drawer. You can get to organize the area much better because of the Zip Notes come out in one fluid motion by just clicking a button from it's own stick note dispenser!

Streamline your work procedure by eliminating the extra steps of having to find the right sized sticky note to write on and having to get it. Never misplace your sticky note pads again when you have Zip Notes!

Here is what you get when you order these terrific Zip Notes:

  • 150 Feet Long Roll of Zip Notes
  • Executive Zip Notes Dispenser
  • Bankers Roller Ball Pen
  • Mount Helen Fountain Pen
  • 3-in-1 Tri-color Pen
  • Mini Checkbook Pen
  • Mechanical Drawing Pencil
  • Ladies Designer Ball Point Pen

Enjoy using your new Zip Notes and writing down messages as long as you want! Order today to get an enormous length of Zip Notes, the dispenser plus the 6 free writing pen set. Bring the best kind of note-taking paper into your office, school, establishment, and home with Zip Notes.

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