Wonder File - File OrganizerThe Wonder File - File Organizer is a fold-up-and-go organizer. When it is opened up, it has all your documents neatly arranged. The four clear corner pockets allow you to store papers and documents so that you clearly see what are in them, making them readily accessible. The lower center pocket is large enough for you to put a book into it. Even a laptop will fit inside it. There are two vertical upper center pockets which are just right for checkbooks, travel brochures, plane tickets or flyers. A zippered pocket just under the lower center pocket allows you to bring valuable documents such as passports or bankbooks. The Wonder File - File Organizer is also perfect for hobbyists and artists who can store scissors, art paper and other craft supplies. And when you are done with your work, just fold it up, close it and with a built-in handle, your Wonder File - File Organizer now looks like a small portfolio which you can either take with you when you travel or store easily into a drawer.

A messy table can really be a headache. Do you look at your desk and see files, documents and papers strewn all over? Looking for a document or paper often takes a lot of unproductive time as you scrounge around for it. Now, there's a way to organize your desk'a contents in a systematic and organized way so that everything is classified and made so much easier for you to find. Not only that, you can fold it up and carry it with you wherever you go. The Wonder File - File Organizer is the solution to a cluttered mess.

Whatever your activity is -- filing away coupons, storing greeting cards and gift wraps, planning a party or event, collecting things, or simply organizing your house bills or office documents, Wonder File - File Organizer will be something you'll always be glad to have around.

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