Waterford CrystalHow often do you want to show off your beautiful crystal wares at home to your family, friends, and neighbors? When people speak of elegance and durability in fine crystal products, you know that they are talking about Waterford Crystal. Take a look at what Waterford Crystal has provided you to beautify your home.

Waterford Crystal dates back to 1783 when brothers George and William Penrose founded the Waterford Glass House to exhibit their finest collection of glassware to tourists from around the globe. The Waterford Glass House boasted of 40 thousand high-end pieces of hand-crafted, artistically-designed products produced by their highly-skilled craftsmen and kept safe by their 130 employees. Some of their collection included steamware, vases, bowls, chandeliers, jewelry, candle holders, lighting, collectibles, and the like. Being the world's finest glass producer, Waterford Crystal now has businesses in Europe, Canada, the Carribean, Australia, Middle East, Japan, Pan Asia, and the United States of America. Each piece of the Waterford Crystal collection is creatively crafted in such a way that the product may seem to be so fine or delicate and easily breakable, but it is actually very strong and durable. The way each piece was carved and crafted to make it sparkle in a special way is a secret known only to its skilled craftsmen. Would you not want to own one of the several thousand pieces Waterford Crystal has produced for special clients like yourself?

Get your own world-class fine glassware products from Waterford Crystal. All its products are wonderful pieces to own, use, and keep as an heirloom for your children. Your guests will enjoy holding and admiring your Waterford Crystal collectibles - a surefire conversation piece at home. And as the host of the party, you will always be proud to take out and use your collection of Waterford Crystal as it tells your guests that they are important enough to be served using some of the best crystal ware there is.

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